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This site is no longer maintained. Some of the information is obsolete. Some of it is historical but accurate for the time it was written. Please feel free to peruse, and thank you for visiting me today.


Legal Stuff: This site in its entirety is UNOFFICIAL and is not operated by any of the agencies that are mentioned on the site.  The opinions and views contained within are not those of anyone but me personally. Any facts or statistics included on this site come from open sources available to anyone who wants to ask for them or look for them. I have used no special insider information nor any information that is not publicly available. I have included pages about the places Iíve worked because of the pride I feel in having been associated with those organizations. In perusing what I have written about those organizations or about anything else that appears on this site, please always bear in mind that I speak for me and me alone and never for any of my bosses, current or former. 

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