My Background

I prefer to be called Jackie.  Thatís not what my parents named me, and thatís not the name on my birth certificate. Why they named me one thing and then proceeded to call me something else is easily explained. It was done to save confusion. If you are really interested, Iíve prepared a personal miniFAQ that addresses this and some other issues. Itís not so much a FAQ as it is a catch-all for some questions Iíve received from time to time.

Personal MiniFAQ

My cultural background is kind of of the Heinz 57 variety. Iím part German and part Scottish but mostly Irish and all American. I grew up in a small farming town in Southwestern Indiana. I left that small town to go away to college. Since college, Iíve moved around a bit and done a number of things.

My Life

Generally speaking and when viewed in perspective, my life has lacked focus. Iíve had several full and part time jobs in at least 4 different fields and volunteered in two others. If, however, my lifeís efforts had been more focused, I, like so many of my friends, would have an advanced degree and would have worked in one place and one field instead of living in eight cities in four states and the District of Columbia.

All those who wander are not lost, however, and it doesnít have to glitter to be gold. Itís my life, I have very few regrets, and besides, all roads lead to where I now stand.

My Family
I am 56 years old and married. My wifeís name is Barbara.

We have three children, Jeannine, Angela, and Matthew, and five grandchildren, Vynessah, Emmanuel, Orijah, Sayvion, and Schanear.

Pictures of the kids
and grandkids

Places of Abode

Most of our marriage has been spent in Florida, including Kissimmee, South Venice in unincorporated Sarasota County, and the City of Sarasota. We also lived in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Before that, we werenít married.

I am originally from southern Indiana.

My Alma Mater

I attended North Posey Jr. - Sr. High School in Indiana.

I graduated from Indiana University with a bachelorís degree in philosophy.

I have studied at several other colleges, taking such diverse courses as early childhood education, German, international relations, history, data processing, and philosophy.

In 1992 I was certified as a paralegal by The Community College of Baltimore. I managed to complete the paralegal studies program with a 4.0 grade point average and was nominated for Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society

My Career: Emergency Services

I spent a lifetime in emergency services. My last position was a Communicator with the Reedy Creek Fire Department at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Before Reedy Creek, I was a fire-rescue and emergency medical dispatcher with Sarasota County 9ē1ē1. I spent 22 years in the business and was a nationally certified EMD since 1993.

Other dispatch experience includes the City of Sarasota Police Department, the Arlington County, Va., 9ē1ē1 Center, and the Washington, D.C. Police Department. I am a police academy graduate and served as a police officer and police communications officer in Indiana, where I was certified as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Police Academy class
and assorted pictures.

My Career: Other Things

In addition to my dispatching career, I have also worked administrative support and managerial positions at a U.S. Government special projects office, at a Federally funded supercomputing research center, at the Pentagon, and at other government contractor facilities in the Washington, D.C., and Orlando metropolitan areas.

I was employed part time byFirst Call for Help as the Venice (Fla.) office manager of United Wayís comprehensive information and referral service. There I managed an office staffed by volunteers who screened and referred clients to social service agencies. I also maintained an automated database of community resources and provided administrative support for the office.

Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Guardian ad Litem, I have volunteered to accept court appointments by the Circuit Court to represent abused and neglected children before the Court and at administrative hearings.

Some Other Interests

Some other interests include:

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